FAST Features FAST mirrors many of the RISC OS features found on other systems, but also manages to marry some of the best features of other systems into one complete package. FAST means you no longer need to compromise. FAST also returns to some of the benefits of RISC OS computing from the past - upgradable components.
Feature FAST System Raspberry Pi 4 Titanium System
4K (3840x2160) resolution 30Hz Yes Yes No
Dual Head Possible Possible Yes
Upgradeable RAM Yes - up to 8GB No No
SATA Ports 4 0 4
Easy overclock Yes Yes No
General Linux Support Yes Yes No
ITX Support Soon! No Yes
4Kn Support Soon! No Yes
4Kn/512e Support Yes No No
RISC OS FAST RISC S bits 011010 | 100000