FAST Kits We have a range of accessories to enhance your FAST system, or allow you to create your own. Again, all are configured to work out-of-the-box as much as can be made possible, given the set up: CORE- our most basic FAST pack, but just because it’s basic, doesn’t mean it’s a slouch! CORE comes as a purpose built SD card and SATA hardware device to connect to the PCIe lines of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, allowing for up to four SATA drives to be connected. Plus access to future ROM updates and developments. DRIVE - a 1TB drive, formatted for use with RISC OS. This is a brand-named 1TB SSD, formatted using FAST so that the full capacity of the drive can be used as a Filecore drive. Suddenly, your storage needs for RISC OS are met with one single drive!
RISC OS FAST RISC S bits 011010 | 100000