FAST Hardware We have a range of bundles available for you to buy NOW! All are configured to work out-of-the-box as much as can be made possible, given the set up: FIRE - a super RISC OS FAST system, ready to go out of the box. Set up with 2GB RAM and a processor overclocked to a minimum of 2GHz (but capable of even faster speeds, up to 2.3GHz), this machine combines the power of the computer with a 250GB SSD storage device. All housed in an off-the-shelf Mini ITX case containing a battery backed Real Time Clock, and ready to just plug in and go! It really is on fire! FURY - our top of the range RISC OS FAST system. Rocking 4GB RAM and a safely overclocked processor, this angry beast comes with 1TB of RISC OS storage and an optical drive, contained within a premium brand Mini ITX case, with plenty of space for even more drives. NVME - our new NVMe-based FAST system, which also has the added advantage of running from a 32Gb eMMC drive. Fitted as standard with 4GB RAM and a 256GB NVMe drive, this machine has more overall oomph than the FIRE, but is still cheaper! We also offer our machines in a range of cases, some of standard ones are shown here: