About RISC OS FAST RISC OS FAST is a custom build of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 Lite*, that includes a custom SATA driver for Fast Access to Storage Technology. This allows RISC OS to utilise the full power of the Compute Module Lite’s processing speed with faster access to hard drives and solid state drives. Creating probably the fastest RISC OS computer system in the world, according to independent benchmarks and customer reviews! RISC OS FAST is specifically tied to a single SATA controller and we supply RISC OS FAST with suitable hardware for you to get maximum performance from the Compute Module Lite. The controller allows for numerous drives to be connected at once, but we’ve restricted the hardware to four devices. For now. We have a range of hardware bundles, ranging from the CORE bundle of the ROM images and SATA device, right up to a top of the range RISC OS system with multiple drives and full expandability. As part of RISC OS FAST, we aim to produce four updates per year, with new ROM images issued to users of our SATA hardware. These are downloadable from a password-protected area on the website. With the successful development of our NVMe drivers, and their subsequent adoption by RISC OS Open for integration into RISC OS itself, we have now introduced FAST NVMe, a machine that can utilise the speed of NVMe drives, but the hardware benefits we hope to bring to FAST. FAST NVMe fully supports eMMC modules now! *Please note, FAST under SATA only supports Compute Module Lite versions - eMMC version will work, but with some issues: (CMOS changes require additional software, and SATA Optical Devices may not be recognised)
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”A Compute Module 4 with [RISC OS FAST] is now the fastest computer currently running RISC OS. It is also cheaper than the Titanium, the previous fastest machine.” Chris Hall svrsig.org/HowFast.htm